Facebook, Mecca for Paedophiles.

Facebook, Mecca for Pedophiles.

Facebook is desperately trying to prevent any information of pedophiles to be published. It is now so important to Facebook protecting people molesting children that Facebook is acting illegal against fundamental European bill of rights, article 11. 

In Facebooks desperate attempts silencing any information about criminals and pedohpiles Facebook now erases every hint of information that may expose criminals such as convicted pedohpiles, Facebook has decided it is against Facebook community rules to even write the name of persons exposing pedophiles eventhough state financed bbc.uk is reporting more explicit details of the convicted pedophiles than Tommy Robinson reporting, Tommy Robinson is punished but BBC is celebrated for same journalism.

Link to Yorkshire evening post              Link to BBC

Facebook Mecca for pedophiles.
Facebook is now desperately erasing info for protecting pedophiles and criminals, Facebook has become the main guardian for pedohpiles and Facebook is now doing all they can for silencing any information about criminals, preventing any information leaking to public society common knowledge so pedophiles undisturbed can continue their criminal activities. Facebook has decided to reward pedophiles and punish anyone exposing pedophiles and you should wonder why.

European fundamental rights, article 11.
It is my european fundamental rights of free speech to express myself on Facebook as long as I dont act criminal, allthough it is my fundamental right according to article 11 Iam now banned for 30 days after writing Tommy Robinsons name. Thats how important it is for Facebook protecting  paedophiles and grooming gangs :

What is it Facebook wants to hide from you ?
Facebook wants to hide from you how pedophiles and grooming gangs snares their victims, Facebook wants the methods of these grooming gangs to remain unknown to public society so more children can be molested with the good help of Facebook. Here are some of the methods Huddersfield grooming gang used for luring children into rape, trafficking, drug abuse and molesting :

Link to "thesun.co.uk"

Link to "thesun.co.uk"

The loophole.
As a private company Facebook is not explicitly included in the text of article 11 as this ancient text has not been updated including social media. As european citizen I want you to be aware of the reluctance of our publicly elected polticians in EU to keep this backdoor for Facebook acting against European fundamental rights with no juidical infringements. 

European union charter of fundamental rights, article 11 (link) :

Why is Facebook protecting pedophiles ?
- As European citizen you must ask yourself why Facebook management and Sam Rihani have this urgent need to  prevent information of paedophiles and grooming gangs leaking out to public knowledge and why your elected politicians is supporting Facebook illegal silencing of free speech.

Sam Rihani, Facebook manager.                                                                                   

Private parallell "justice".
Had Facebook not been a private company Facebook would not have this possibility robbing people of their fundamental rights of free speech, Facebooks decision to act as dictators with no motivation of any decisions had been illegal.

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 41 - Right to good administration (link):
2. This right includes:- the right of every person to be heard, before any individual measure which would affect him or her adversely is taken;- the right of every person to have access to his or her file, while respecting the legitimate interests of confidentiality and of professional and business secrecy;- the obligation of the administration to give reasons for its decisions. 

The politicians that want to prevent your free speech :
The politicians elected by you that desperately struggles to keep this loophole for Facebook controlling your right to free speech to prevent information of criminals and paedophiles to be published are the following members of European parliaments committee for humans rights (link to photographs here) :

Maria ARENA, Belgium, Parti Socialiste. Irina VON WIESE, United Kingdom, Liberal Democrats. Hannah NEUMANN, Germany, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. Karoline EDTSTADLER, Austria, Österreichische Volkspartei. Raphaël GLUCKSMANN, France, Place publique. Phil BENNION, United Kingdom, Liberal Democrats. Lars Patrick BERG, Germany, Alternative für Deutschland. Susanna CECCARDI, Italy, Lega. Andrea COZZOLINO, Italy, Partito Democratico. Ryszard CZARNECKI, Poland, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. Peter van DALEN, Netherlands, ChristenUnie. Nathan GILL, United Kingdom, The Brexit Party. Charles GOERENS, Luxembourg, Parti démocratique. Bernard GUETTA, France, Liste Renaissance. Heidi HAUTALA, Finland, Vihreä liitto. György HÖLVÉNYI, Hungary, Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt. Assita KANKO, Belgium, Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie. Professor Karol KARSKI, Poland, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. Dietmar KÖSTER, Germany, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands. David LEGA, Sweden, Kristdemokraterna. Leopoldo LÓPEZ GIL, Spain, Partido Popular. Thierry MARIANI, France, Rassemblement national. Marisa MATIAS, Portugal, Bloco de Esquerda. Kostas PAPADAKIS, Greece, Communist Party of Greece. Diana RIBA I GINER, Spain, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. Nacho SÁNCHEZ AMOR, Spain, Partido Socialista Obrero Español. Isabel SANTOS, Portugal, Partido Socialista. Eugen TOMAC, Romania, Partidul Mișcarea Populară. Miguel URBÁN CRESPO, Spain, PODEMOS. Isabel WISELER-LIMA, Luxembourg, Parti chrétien social luxembourgeois. Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, Lithuania, Lietuvos Respublikos liberalų sąjūdis. Lance FORMAN, United Kingdom, The Brexit Party. Neena GILL, United Kingdom, Labour Party. Seán KELLY, Ireland, Fine Gael Party. Stelios KOULOGLOU, Greece, Coalition of the Radical Left. Andrey KOVATCHEV, Bulgaria, Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria. Claudiu MANDA, Romania, Partidul Social Democrat. Shaffaq MOHAMMED, United Kingdom, Liberal Democrats. Norbert NEUSER, Germany, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands. Maria NOICHL, Germany, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands. Janina OCHOJSKA, Poland, Bezpartyjna. Manu PINEDA MARÍN, Spain, Izquierda Unida. Giuliano PISAPIA, Italy, Partito Democratico. Jiří POSPÍŠIL, Czechia, TOP 09 a Starostové. Frédérique RIES, Belgium, Mouvement Réformateur. María Soraya RODRÍGUEZ RAMOS, Spain, Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadanía. Catherine ROWETT, United Kingdom, Green Party. Silvia SARDONE, Italy, Lega. Mounir SATOURI, France, Europe Écologie. Ivan ŠTEFANEC, Slovakia, Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie. Tineke STRIK, Netherlands , GroenLinks. Valdemar TOMAŠEVSKI, European, Lithuania , Lietuvos lenkų rinkimų akcija – Krikščioniškų šeimų sąjunga. Bettina VOLLATH, Austria, Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs. James WELLS, United Kingdom, The Brexit Party 

LexNoxa, 2019-07-17, Peter Martinsson.