Why is Google and Facebook supporting pedophiles, rapists, child molesters and murderers in Sweden ?

Swaztika flag flying over Palestinian city Beit Ummar.

The worlds longest era of free speech has come to an end in Sweden, it is no longer allowed protesting against child molesting, forced marriages, rapes or murder.

Sweden legislated free speech as constitution year 1766, 251 years later, in 2017 the Swedish Attorney General Morgan Johansson proposes changes to swedish constitutional laws for censoring of media and reporters in Prop.2017/18:49 and SOU 2017:70 giving authorities rights to without notice secretly monitor journalists and citizens by camera surveillance, bug and wiretap phones and homes, place trojans on reporters computers for tapping data.

Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven and Attorney General Morgan Johansson
Only approved state controlled journalists shall be given access to official documents and court information, everyone outside this approval is excluded access to official data of swedish society. Attorney general Morgan Johansson is in every detail copying Adolf Hitlers "Führerprinzip" that was essential for setting up his shadow government when overthrowing power in Germany.

Google and Facebook, the Führerprinzip frontrunners.
US media giants as Facebook and Google has now lend themselves as front runners to this Fuhrerprinzip, Google has upon demands from swedish government closed down the media group "Granskning Sverige" (= Inspection Sweden ) youtube account after Granskning sverige's investigation of the private company "Researchgruppen" who is listing swedish citizens in their opinions directory utilized for monitoring and selling information to governments and Intelligence agencies, just like Stasi did in former Eastern Germany. The beloved reporter Bechir Rabani died mysteriously in cardiac arrest 33 years old after further investigating "Researchgruppen", two weeks before his death Bechir received an anonymous tip the Swedish secret police was checking up on him for his investigations of "Researchgruppen".

Bechir Rabani, Reporter, daddy and concerned citizen.
died 2017-Dec-15 at age 33years.  Foto privat.

Flood of criminality.
Crime rates in sweden has risen to levels of war zones, sweden have by now the second highest crime rates in Europe, just a few years ago among the lowest crime rates in Europe. Reported rapes raised by 10% last year. Today 2.4% of Swedish women in age between 16-79 years has been victims of sexual assaults but no one is allowed doing research or even think of the causes as attorney general Morgan Johansson the 16th of January 2017 declared prohibition for the government authority BRÅ (= Crime Preventing Council ) to further investigate causes of the alarming increase of murders, abductions, assaults, rapes and gangrapes in sweden. With his prohibition the attorney general Morgan Johansson himself conducted the criminal offense "ministerial ruling of a public neutral authority" (Link). The swedish attorney general has several times  been exposed lying, cheating and falsifying information but all is silenced by state controlled media houses pumping ut fake news.

New criminality.
Sweden has recent years experienced a totally new form of ciriminality such as forced marriages, child gential mutilation "domestic honor-violence" and "shame-killings" of obediant women. All these crimes is clearly adressed in swedish jurisdiction but courts are constanty failing sentence mulsim perpetrators because of political pressure from socialdemocrats, the few perpetrators not being freed receives ridicolous low penalties, at several occasions lower than lowest stated penalty by the specific law. 

Child mutilation such as female genital mutilation has its own regulations with minimum penalty of 2 years prison, although law is clear only two offenders has been sentenced since the implementation of this code in 1982. It is believed 40-50.000 women today has been mutilated in sweden and it was recently reported these festivities (yes it is considered being a festivity cutting and slaying children) has been held in the organization "Hyresgästföreningens" premises, "Hyresgästföreningen" is one of the Swedish government party, socialdemocrats, close allies which explains how there can be 40-50.000 mutilated women in sweden but no sentenced offenders besides two during 32 years. 
It is stated fact sentenced rapists without swedish citizenship recieves surprisingly mild judgments if being sentenced at all as most of them are freed in pathetic court incompetence. Scarcely any of the sentnced non-swedsih citizens is sent back to their home countries although clearly stated by the law SFS 2005:716, 5 chapter §17, §17a ( Link ) that any non-swedish offender immediately must be extradited. Private citizens in Sweden is examining and investigating on their own what is happening and reporting via media such as Facebook, for example Patrik Jonasson examined 4000 sentences for rapists and found out 84% of serious rapes in sweden was conducted by non-european immigrants, 95.6% of sexual assaults is conducted by foreigners (Link). 

These are the main reasons Attorney General Morgan Johansson wants to censor and limit access to court documents, the swedish government dont want anyone to find out who is conducting crimes in sweden and track doings of corrupt judges inside the court system corruption network "Hilda".

Persecution of free speech.
In Sweden it is no longer allowed debating or questioning the criminality following Islam. Islam is being forced upon Sweden breaking almost every Swedish law there is. We have rules for quietness, in the garden of a swedish home there must be no noise above 60 dBA, regulations that caused racetracks to be closed (Link), but the Mosques now being raised is allowed sending their message of Allahs greatness in 110 dBA breaking the 60 dBA with margins, an allowance Swedish christian citizens only can dream of. The Islamic tradition of forced marriages is since year 1200 legislated in Sweden where offenders of “home peace” or “womens safeguard” was sentenced to death by our former king Magnus Eriksson in "Edsöresbalken" ( = OathPennyStatute) but is now becoming a monstrous tradition of Swedish society without penalties despite clear regulations in Brottsbalken 4 chapter §4c and §4d beyond any doubts.

- What else than the forced implementation of Islam can have changed in swedish society causing a world record breaking flood of crimes in sweden ? Has swedish citizens in the recent 4 years changed their 800 year modest, peaceful and quiet natural behavior to exploding perverts and berserks ?

Prosecutions of swedish citizens.
Any swedish citizen investigating or debating Islams rights to beliefs versus safety of women, childrens or just people is being stalked and prosecuted for using their right of free speech by state financed organizations of "good samaritans" such as "Jagärhär" (=Iamhere ) and Näthatsgranskaren (=NetHateExaminer ) protecting Islamists rights to their religion on behalf of pedophelia and child molesting. One man was recently indicted with a fine of 2000usd for reciting the fact of the lower average IQ level in Islamic region, a fact well proven in several research studies (Lynn & Vanhanen, PISA-test, Khanum & Riaz). 

- It is no longer allowed pointing out Islams raise in criminality and degeneration of society, research and development although this is addressed with concern by muslim researchers such as Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy : "- Why is the Islamic world disengaged from science and the process of creating new knowledge" (Link) or Hillel Ofek : "- Why the Islamic world turned away from science" ( Link ).

Censoring of media.
As more Swedes now turn away from the lying main news channels searching for answers themselves alternative media channels has been strangled and put to death in shear panic by Google and Facebook upon the Nazi-regimes request. Google has now closed down ad sales for the media group "Samnytt" trying to starve them to silence as they are one of the few medias daring to report the reality of Sweden silenced by the main media houses Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet and state controlled TV channel SVT who all on several occasions been exposed publishing fakenews, falsifications and misleading news.

- Where shall a society draw the line between women and children's rights to safety and survival versus Islams rights to pedophilia, rape and child mutilation ? If Sweden have regulations against forced child marriages, how can the ruling government party instruct Swedish courts allow these criminal acts ? Why are the judges constanly failing with these crimes ?

Probably I will face jailtime myself for writing this article as it is not allowed publishing data of the crimes followed by Islam, any critics of swedens new religion is swiftly silenced and sentenced. Although every statement in this article is well supported with links to original source any reporter not following government directions is being persecuted and haunted by organizations such as Feminists and "anti-racists" upon economic rewards from the government party socialdemocrats. 

History of Swedish Nazism : Socialdemocrats.
The driver of this development has historical roots, Nazism is a well hidden wet dream within the swedish government party Socialdemocrats. They proved themselves worthy allies to Hitler supplying Iron ore necessary for Hitlers guns and weapons. It is often said sweden was neutral during world war 
II but the truth is sweden was such a good ally to Hitler there was no need occupying sweden. It proved better leaving the swedens production lines of iron ore intact as sweden ramped up supplies to Hitler from 5 million tonnes in 1936 to 10 million tonnes in 1939, at most 40 million tonnes in one year. Sweden became the main supplier of Iron ore to Germany until USA in 1943 closed down sweden's profitable export to Hitler for shortening the war saving lives of Allied soldiers ( Link ). The later to be swedish prime minister, socialdemocrat Tage Erlander was administering the 14 secret concentration camps in sweden which he later recieved the position as prime minister in reward Link ).

Money transfer.
The nazis initial war success proved the nazis to be highly intelligent, utilizing outnumbered resources with efficiency so how come did these resourceful commanders set aside well needed resources from the war front to an insanely genocide of the Jewish people ? The logic explanation is so much worse than hate, the genocide must have been a scheduled and planned robbery of the Jewish people for financing a war, the genocide was plain confiscation of properties and finally the owners lives. Through pure slavery finally boiling down the slaves to ashes and soap squeezing the absolute last penny out of a human being the Nazis could continue buying swedish Iron ore, all for the good wealth of swedish banksters and socialdemocrats.

Hitlers Allies.
Islam was at the good help of Hitler, the largest external army besides Hitlers own was Islamic armies such as the Free Arabic legion, the joint operation Anglo-Iraqi war could be fought thanks to the non aggression treaty between Hitler and Turkey for letting Hitlers troops passing through Turkey on their support for their war against Iraq. Hitlers marking of Jews with the yellow David star is inherited from Caliph Haroun al-Rashid who imposed yellow markings of Jews living in Baghdad year 807 CE. The David star is the ancient symbol of Jewish king Davids shield when king David defeated the giant.

Swedens current Nazi-regime, Socialdemocrats.

The governing Swedish Socialdemocrat party has now found a new way for their old wet dream of Nazism. Thanks to Islam they now have their perfect cover for continuing their Nazi ambitions. The Swedish government party, Socialdemocrats with the prime minister Stefan Löfven is the sole largest contributor to listed Nazi terror groups as Hamas, PBA and Hizbollah imposing a Swedish proxy war against Israel and Jews. (Link).

Every year the Swedish Nazi-regime sends more than 800m sek ( 90 million usd) to 24 Islamic organizations where of 18 wants to eradicate Israel as nation (Link)

We, the Swedish people wants no part of supporting Islamic terror acts, it is against our will the Swedish Nazi-regime is using Swedish tax payers money for supporting Nazi terror operations.

What is the swedish nazi-regime actually doing ?

- When mapping the doings of the government party socialdemocrats a highly interesting pattern emerges, the ties to islamic countries seems to have priority : 16th january 2016 Foreign Minister Wallström visits Palestine, she has never been to Israel. January 11th 2017, the swedish prime minister visits Iran, 9th February swedish trade minister with a delegation of 15 women wearing Hijabs (Uk prime minister May never wore hijab or veil during her visits) visiting Iran, 22nd October 2017 several ministers visits Saudi Arabia and Oman. It is apparent swedish government shows more interest in closer ties to islamic countries, this may depend to hidden economic contributions to swedish economy as swedish BNP is far from such good shape as claimed.

Socialdemocrats False flag.

Although the swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven with his party socialdemocrats is the only persons in Europe actively supporting and initiating nazi terror acts against Jews this man blames others to be Nazists and racists, the only person with blood on his hands has the immorality pointing finger on other people claiming them to be criminals instead of being ashame himself for his own nazi acts. The rhetoric used is simple, blame your own crimes onto others, how do you defend your name and reputation trustworthy with the answer : -” who ? me ? It is you sending money to nazi terror organizations, it is you being the racist and Nazist, not me”.

Fakenews front runners.

Several of the main media channels 
as Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, SVT publishing fake news is controlled by  government choking their fundings with different methods, it is disappointing now finding Facebook and Google joining into this censorship, after the meetings with different swedish ministers these companies deserting rights to free information and positioning them as front runners of a raising Nazi-regime robbing the swedish people of the very same rights Google and Facebook enjoy in their mother country : US first Amendment :
Amendment 1, Bill of rights. - Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press.“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Facebook and Google swedish operations.
Facebook, do tell me the reason for blocking me 72 hours for publishing an article how children in sweden against the law is being mutilated with the consent of swedish government nazi-regime party socialdemocrats for religious beliefs. For what reason can a child's life, health and well being be put at risk for infections and deceases as HIV / AIDS because of a group of pedophiles believe it is for the good slaying children's genitals handicapping them for life. 

An image of bleeding children is not sexual content, it is monstrous and horrendously and must come to an end. 

Above link points to the article rendering me a 72 hours block at Facebook. Was the critics in this article upon islam and socialdemocrats silenced because of Facebooks swedish subsidiary manager, the muslim Sam Rihanis close bonds to government protecting the Nazi-regime ? Is Sam Rihani manager of Facebook Sweden because of his political past ? 

Where do "free" corporations as Google and Facebook draw the line promoting a nazi-regime supporting Islams beliefs and right of slaying people ?

2018-06-08, LexNoxa, Peter Martinsson.